What are the nine questions you should ask yourself during the daily scrum that will keep you focused on achieving the sprint goals?

  1. What I did yesterday to take the team closer to the sprint goal?
  2. What I’m working is contributing to the sprint goal
  3. The blockers I have do they keep me away from achieving the sprint goal
  4. Are my blockers temporary? Will they be resolved by making the goal of the sprint?
  5. How can I help my teammates to achieve our sprint goals?
  6. Are we on track to achieve the sprint goals?
  7. How else can we achieve the sprint goals?
  8. Is the new request that I got urgent that cannot wait until next sprint?
  9. If we add a new user story to the sprint, what user story do we remove?

The daily scrum has as the primary goal to align with your teammates to work together in achieving the sprint goals. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourselves to keep any new request away, challenge the Scrum Master to remove the development team blockers, challenge the Product Owner to say NO to new demands.

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