Product Owner’s Checklist for Sprint Review

The sprint review meeting marks the end of the sprint. It is the moment to demonstrate the work done and to provide feedback. The Product Owner’s role is to showcase the progress made by the scrum team on the product roadmap and be the ambassador of the product.

Sprint review meeting has 3 steps: present the goal, demo the work done, collect feedback and next sprint insights.

The goal of the sprint review meeting is to provide an accurate measure of progress, demonstrating the work done. The facilitator is the Scrum Master, and the schedule is:

  1. Review the sprint goals

Here is the checklist of the Product Owner for Sprint Review:

  1. Review the sprint goal. Before all the participants come in, make sure you review the sprint goals and if you as the scrum team achieved them.

Anti-patterns to avoid as a Product Owner:

  • The sprint review is a demonstration from the team to you

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