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How to use Orli ToDo bot for Discord for Business to get more done

Learn how to plan and get your tasks done every single day.

By having a manager position, people think I’m super effective, get everything done, I never forget anything, and my workday is perfectly organized. But the reality is that I’m struggling a lot with keeping myself focused and achieving my daily goals. My solution is to rely on the Orli ToDo bot for Discord to get my work done.

Do you feel like you have many things to do? The day passes, you work hard.

But at the end of the day, you don’t feel like you achieved a lot.

You still feel stuck, lost, with a mountain of things to do, deadlines passed, or delivered patricianly.

You feel overwhelmed!

That’s how I feel today: overwhelmed!

I have many things to do. I’m jumping between topics, doing a bit of there, a bit of there. And time passes. But I’m not getting the feeling of making any progress.

It has got to stop!

I want to be good with my achievements at the end of the day. I want to feel satisfied with my progress.

I am an achiever. I must achieve things during the day to can sleep well. My teams must achieve something every day to be relaxed and don’t follow up every 10 minutes.

I count as an achievement only the completed work whose outcome is usable. For example: when I need to achieve writing an article will mean that I have to spellcheck it, added an image, and published the article on my blog so my followers can read it.

It’s time to sit down and put on paper everything I need to do:

  • I need to write a new blog post on how do I use the Orli ToDo bot for Discord to stay organized and on track
  • I need to write an article on Orli Retrospective for Discord — a new functionality we released yesterday.
  • I need to update my website.
  • I need to write specifications on the upcoming functionalities.
  • I need to research some new features we want to launch.
  • I need to reply to a client.
  • I need to connect with my coach.
  • I might need a designer.
  • I might need to update Orli — Scrum bot Discord landing page.
  • I might need a UX to work with us to simplify the User Experience.

And there’s where my list starts to get fuzzy:

I need to; I might need to; I would like to; I must.

When it comes to identifying the MUST is easy. We all know that it’s a must when someone, a client, asks for it.

Please take a deep breath, a cup of coffee, and let’s prioritize the list. Here is my way of prioritizing work quickly:

  • Urgent: whatever brings money. It can be invoicing, doing the core work of my highest paying clients. I usually have no problem doing critical things. And I think in general here is where we spend most of our time. But this does not work that will grow your business or my business. It is work that will take us that far. So we’ve got to be more strategic about it.
  • Not urgent and not necessary: I don’t do anything in this category. Never. So I go quickly to the essential things.
  • Important: growing my business. In this category is where I have problems. How do I focus on getting the important things done without jumping between subjects? Jumping between topics results in not getting done much. You are exhausted. You do a lot, but not complete.

Now I look at my list, and I’m thinking:

What should I work on next?

Here’s the trap: you work on what you feel like or work on what you can do quickly.

But it would be best if you worked on what is essential for your business.

What I need right now in my business is that people who need a ToDo list and use Discord find Orli.


What are all the actions that I need to do to achieve it?

I need to write a new blog post on the Orli ToDo bot for Discord and use the ToDo bot for Discord to get more work done.


How long will this take?

I usually spend between 2–3h in writing an article on my blog.


Let’s go to work now.

I don’t have three hours to spend today writing my article. I must publish it in a maximum of two hours. I need to stay focused and work on it for two hours.

But how do I know how long do I have or What else will I do today?

Writing an article will not fill my day. I need to plan my day to know why I need to finish the article in 2h and not in 3 hours. I need to plan my day to know if there are other things that I haven’t missed but need more attention ASAP.

If I do not plan my day, then I see messages, phone calls, emails, and by the time I see the watch, one more day has passed by, and I still didn’t write my article, and my Orli ToDo bot for Discord hasn’t gotten lighter.

In my team, we use Orli — Scrum bot for Discord to manage daily tasks, plan the day, follow-ups and retrospect.

I love using Orli because it keeps me focused on what I need to work on. The information gets populated into reports for metrics and communicated to the stakeholders.

How does it work?

I start my day with daily preparation. Before the daily meeting, I think about what I have to do today.

I take my cup of coffee, and I put on written everything I need to do. Exactly as you can see above.

I report my daily using Orli Daily — Scrum bot for Discord. I share:

  • what I did yesterday
  • what I’ll do today
  • Discuss the blockers

After the daily, Orli automatically adds to my Discord ToDo list the task of “write a new blog post on Orli ToDo bot for Discord and how to use it.”

I love it!

I only need to ask Orli ToDo bot for Discord to follow up with me and stay focused.

At the end of today, it felt amazing to finally write an article on my daily planning routine to achieve more using the Orli ToDo bot for Discord.

This article’s goal was to show you how I stay organized, focused, and on track. For additional functionalities requests, questions, feel free to drop a comment in this article and join Orli Discord Server.

To learn more about the Orli ToDo bot for Discord, check out orli.ai.

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