Sprint Planning Tips

How to Limit Work In Progress (WIP) during sprint Planning

Quick Tips to Limit Work In Progress (WIP) from the Sprint Planning

Road with a lot of construction — limit work in progress in your scrum teams
Sprint Planning: Limit Work In Progress (WIP). Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash.

When it comes to Sprint Planning, here are some things I do with the teams I coach and that have proven to work:

  • create sub-tasks for the each user stories to describe the way the Scrum Team will implement, test, deploy the functionality described in the user story
  • create a weekly plan on what we will achieve as a Scrum Team
  • each team member takes personal ownership of the certain actions that will help the team to achieve the sprint goals
  • define sprint goals and challenge each other to deliver business value, rather than simply implementing the specifications
  • involve the Product Owner to review and accept the user stories as soon as their are implemented
  • communicate with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master on HOW the user story is implemented it. Teach them the technical insignts so they know to evaluate the "little" improvement ideas which may lead to more development work for the team.