Discord Trello Integration for Development Teams

How to integrate Trello and Discord for business as a development team?

Discord-Trello Integration can help you save time in meetings — learn how

Anca Onuta
5 min readJun 1, 2021


If you are a development team that uses Discord to communicate and Trello keeps track of work, then Discord Trello Integration is a must. But not just to access your cards from Discord to Trello as integration. It would help if you optimize your work, communicate with each other, and automatically measured performance without ever leaving Discord.

Discord Trello Integration. Use Orli Scrum bot for Discord to reduce the time you spend in meetings, automate task updates, communicate with each other, and automatically measured performance without ever leaving Discord.
Discord Trello Integration with Orli Scrum Bot for Discord for Business

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. what development workflow to configure on your Trello board
  2. how you can track your Daily progress asynchronously directly in Discord without the need to meet, and
  3. how you can automate the update of the Trello cards.

Hence, everything is up to date at any given time, and you can focus on what matters the most for you, and that is development. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Define your development process

The first thing to do is define the steps you need to take to make available a specific functionality to your users.

The development process I recommend is:

To Do → In Progress → Code Review → Deployment to Development environment → Quality Assurance/Testing → Product Owner Approval → Deployment to Product → Done.

In Agile, the Product Owner is the person who defines the functionalities of the product and who keeps the relationship with the stakeholders.

What you need to keep in mind when defining this process is that at the end, when a functionality/task is marked as done, it’s available for the final users without any other work.

Step 2: Setup the Trello board for your Discord Integration

You will create a Trello list for each step in your development process.

Everything you need to do is always on the left in the To-Do list, and then you continue with 1 Trello list per step in your development process.

Create your tasks, add yourself as a member, and set a due date. Make sure you have tasks that are due in the upcoming seven days. If you don’t have any, it means your tasks are too big, and you should split them into multiple Trello cards.

Step 3: Integrate Discord with Trello using Orli — Scrum bot

Orli is a Scrum bot that helps development teams to spend less time in meetings by:

  • allowing teams to report their daily progress asynchronously
  • automatically update Trello when reporting your Daily progress
  • automatic calculation of team performance

To integrate Orli with Trello on your Discord server, follow the steps:

  1. Install Orli on your Discord Server,
  2. Type !orli-trello-start
  3. Click on the link you received, click Allow, copy-paste the token
  4. Type !orli-trello-configure
  5. Select the board which represents the work you do in this particular Discord Server
  6. Select the list that represents that the work is completed from your position point of you. E.g., for Development, the work is done when the functionality is ready for testing when the QA’s work is done when functionality is ready to be deployed to the Production environment.

Whenever you are doing these configurations, I recommend that you do it all together so that all the development process phases defined at Step 1 are covered with automation.

We configured Orli now. Let’s make a test to see how our tasks are going to show on the Daily report.

The daily standup meeting is a 15 minutes meeting in which the team plans out its work for the upcoming day.

Read more about Daily Standup meetings:

Now imagine that you are a team spread all over the world. It makes it a bit hard to meet at the beginning of your day. Also, suppose you have different working schedules that are also quite challenging to meet simultaneously at the beginning of your working day (every day).

In that case, Orli will help you report your daily progress asynchronously so that all the team members can see what the others work on and if they have any blockers. And you and your colleagues consider that you want to have additional discussions, then go for it.

For testing purposes while reading this article, set your daily time as now using the command !orli-daily-configure change-daily-start 10:20.

You can use !odc change-daily-start 10:20, because Orli allows shorter commands or to even set your own commands (!orli-alias-list / !orli-alias-add).

Orli — Scrum Bot for Discord has pinged me to remind me:

“Hey! It’s time for your Daily”.

Type !orli-daily, and you’ll see the list of all your tasks due in the upcoming seven days.

Nice eh? You aren’t flooded with many Trello cards, but you only see the ones that are due soon.

Step 4: Plan your work weekly

Now you might not like the fact that you can’t see all your Trello tasks in Discord, but it’s a good practice. Now you need to get out of your comfort zone and plan your working week.


Every Monday, look on your Trello board and think about what you aim to achieve that week. Then define the tasks you need (your Trello cards), assign them to the right team members, and set the due date for Friday.

Every day when you report your Daily progress with Orli, you’ll take 1 by 1 the tasks from Trello and work on one at a time. By the end of the week, your Trello List should be empty. For all the team members.

So if you have a plan and you also set that in Trello, Orli will help you stick with it.

In conclusion, the steps you need to follow to save time in meetings as a development team that uses Trello and Discord for business are:

  1. Define your development workflow
  2. Setup your Trello board
  3. Configure Integrate Discord and Trello using Orli and test it out
  4. Plan your work
  5. Repeat!

I’m curious who is using Discord for Business here and who uses Trello and Discord? Please drop a comment.



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