Agile Features 101. Real-life examples included.

How to define Features in Agile Methodology?

Every Agile feature description must show the business value it will bring to the customers and what are the criteria to consider the Agile feature done?

Agile Futures are big product functionalities. The role of the features is in managing product development from a macro level.Learn how to Features in Agile methodologies — Scrum Features, Jira Features.
Learn to write Features in Agile Methodology

What is a feature in Agile methodologies?

Who writes the Features in Scrum?

Why use features in Scrum and not only user stories?

What’s the difference between features and epics in Agile?

How big should the product features be?

What are the feature points?

Writing Features

How to write features?

  • Define benefit hypothesis — what will be the gain the functionality to bring to the users. It represents the “Why”.
The Product Manager defines the benefit hypothesis of the feature.
Benefit Hypothesis of a feature
  • Evaluate the business value. There are multiple ways of calculating the business value from simple systems to complex ones. It is essential to consider: the number of users, the frequency of using the feature, the time criticality of releasing the feature, development effort, the return of investment.
The Product Manager shows to the team the business value delivered by a the agile feature
Features have business value
  • Description. Try to share the context of the feature, how the users are going to use it. The description would focus on what the need is rather than how to implement the feature.
The Product Manager defines the description of a scrum feature.
Every Feature has a clear description
  • Define acceptance criteria. Knowing the conditions to mark a feature as done is crucial. They work the same way as the acceptance criteria of the user stories. The features are a way to measure the progress of product development.
The Feature owner describes the acceptance criteria.
Each feature must have acceptance criteria

What are the characteristics of the features?

  • provide business value that can be measured in an objective way
  • be estimable — there must be enough information for the agile team to estimate the work of implementing the feature
  • small enough to fit into a program increment or maximum of three months as the time from “to do” to “done”, but big enough to justify the administration work involved
  • be testable — the scrum team and the product management team must test automatically or manually the features.

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