How to build a roadmap in Machine Learning projects using Agile methodology in 5 simple steps?

  1. Define your features.
  • A comprehensive title that has a meaning from the end-user perspective.
  • Description from the user perspective? What does it bring to the user? Here you can include benefits, feature description, mockups, the business need that this feature will resolve, how the users will be using the functionality. You may also include the steps to enable this functionality. Working with Agile methodology, you want to provide value early and to allow the investors to start chasing in early in the development process. The big challenge for Machine Learning projects is to talk in simple and meaningful words for the investors.
  • Technical description of what you have in mind to implement. I often see the situation that everything is evident during the planning, and it becomes complex when developing it. For this situation, I have a solution: write a summary of the technical solution you have in mind. If writing is not your strength, draw it on the whiteboard or record the conversation you have with your team. You’ll appreciate all this information later on.
  • Define the end to end workflow — from the requirement to make it available for the user. Here is an article I wrote on this subject.
  • Define the end to end-user stories. The stories must provide user value and be independent. The output of the user stories in machine learning projects must be ready to be released to the users in case the Product Owner decides.
  • Add a short description to capture all the information you have in mind during the roadmap planning of the machine learning project. You do not need to add acceptance criteria at this stage, as you do not know which features will be approved.
  • For each story, consider the EACH step in the workflow. In most of cases, a user story will have data algorithm adjustments, preparation, and annotation, training, testing, deployment.
  • Add dependencies — the elements that the Agile team needs to start working on the user story or to complete a particular user story.
  • estimate the user story

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Anca Onuta

Anca Onuta

👩🏻‍🔧 — Scrum bot for Discord 🎯Agile Coach📍Lille, France, 😱NEW Agile video every Tue: Subcribe to my YouTube channel:

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