Why Agile Spikes?

How Agile Spikes help to Improve your Agile Product Delivery?

Learn what are spikes in Agile and how Scrum teams use Agile Spikes to estimate the product backlog.

What are Spikes in Agile?

Scrum team uses Agile spikes as a time box to research on a user story for the purpose of estimating the agile user story.
Agile Spikes and how to use Spikes in Scrum

When to use spikes?

The scrum team is thinking on how to implement and how to estimate a car user story.
Agile Spikes: the tool used by Scrum Team when it cannot estimate a user story

Can I use multiple Agile spikes for one story?

Types of Agile spikes

The spike is a A clock (time)  box used by the Scrum team to research on a particular topic.
Agile Spikes are a time box when the Scrum Team researches as much information as possible to be able to estimate a user story

Benefits of spikes in Agile

How not to use the Agile spikes:




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