Agile Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities

Who is the scrum master in Agile?

In Agile methodologies, the Scrum Master is the facilitator of the team. The Scrum Master is the one who is managing the processes and ensures that everyone in the organization follows the agile principles. The Scrum Master is a servant leader.

Agile Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities

What are the skills of a Scrum Master?

  • clear communication
  • good listener
  • organized
  • empathy
  • strong agile and scrum knowledge
  • curious
  • facilitator
  • people skills
  • leadership
  • focus
  • complex problem solving
  • adaptability
  • system thinking
  • fast decision making
  • intrinsic motivation

What are the responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

  • Remove the impediments of the scrum team
  • facilitates all the scrum ceremonies (sprint planning, product backlog daily standup, refinement, sprint review)
  • coaches the product owner in his role
  • coaches the development team
  • facilitates the resolution of decisions
  • facilitates the resolution of conflicts
  • coaches the scrum team in planning and forecasting
  • trains the organization in the scrum adoption
  • be a barrier between the outside distractions and the team
  • ensures the right following of agile methodologies
  • ensures the Definition of Done is respected
  • helps the Scrum Team to plan deliverables
  • helps the Scrum Team to monitor performance
  • masters the use of a project management tool — Jira, TFS, Asana

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