15 Things you can do as Scrum Master to Improve the Scrum Team Velocity in Agile

Scrum team velocity is about consistency. When upgrading the Scrum team velocity, as an Agile Coach, I target:

  • First to be able to measure the average scrum team velocity,

Step 1: When you can measure the scrum team velocity?

The velocity can be measured ONLY if the “Definition Of Done” is respected. It will ensure that all the stories marked as “done” are ready to be used by the final users without ANY intervention from the team, ever.

Step 2: Below a list of things you can do as a Scrum Master to improve the scrum team velocity:

  1. Help the team to keep the focus on the goal of the sprint. On the daily standup meeting, review the purpose of the iteration and where is the development team versus the sprint goal.

Step 3: How to maintain the velocity in the long term?

Discipline is the keyword. You will have to do the steps above without exceptions.

If you want to read more about what is velocity and how it works: hear an article about it.

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