11 things you lose for not running a design sprint on your products

A Design Sprint is Google’s secret weapon for building a great product quickly. A Design Sprint is about Design Thinking. Through a suite of processes and tools, in just five days, you take a big challenge, define your goal, sketch, decide, prototype, and get users’ feedback. Isn’t it amazing to test the ideas before investing millions in development?

Below are 11 things you lose for not running yet a Design Sprint:

  1. the cash you don’t get because you haven’t launched the product because you think about it and overthink it
  2. the cost of your team developing features that aren’t going to be used
  3. the support needed for the users to fit your product
  4. the sales required to convince the users
  5. the emotional implication of your clients
  6. the references — word of mouth
  7. changes on the requirements
  8. misunderstandings
  9. the chance to become a market leader
  10. new features that you could develop, but you don’t know your clients need them, and your clients don’t know they need them

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