How to use the Innovation Sprint to deliver better products

11 Ideas for Innovation Sprint of Scaled Agile Framework

Wondering how to make the best usage of your Innovation Sprint? Learn 11 ideas that are proven to work in real life.

Anca Onuta
5 min readApr 23, 2020


The last sprint of the Program Increment is the Innovation and Planning Sprint. Most of the clients I work with they love SAFe because of the structure it brings in place to the entire organization. One of the challenges I see among the organizations I work with is to use the last sprint as an innovation sprint. It is indeed a hard sell.

There are 2 points of view on innovation: teams and management. It is that moment when finally the teams will do something cool. But on the other hand, for company management, it is a waste of money with no value added to the business.

The ones who work with me know I have a lean and results-oriented approach to work: minimize waste and be profitable. And so, I see the innovation and planning sprint, which is part of SAFe methodology. Whatever you spend the time in this sprint, it must help you to minimize waste and be profitable, but also to enrich the participants.

Innovation and Planning Sprint from SAFe

What can you do in this sprint? System Demo + Set PI Objectives.

1. System Demo.

It is the moment to show off in front of your clients without the risk of getting them bored. Because it’s been +50 people working on an Agile Release Train during at least two months, there must be some fantastic functionalities your clients can go ahead and use. They’ll be excited to see them in action and to get their hands on it. The Innovation and Planning Sprint aims to allow the team to prepare for this moment.

2. Set PI Objectives

The Innovation and Planning Sprint ends with the PI Planning Meeting. What do you need for the next Program Increment Planning Meeting? You…