10 Tips for Visionary Product Owners:

TIP 1: Have a strong vision for the product you are the product owner

TIP 2: Share your product vision with everyone anytime: colleagues, stakeholders, scrum team, management — everyone. Those around you must know the product vision. The development needs to understand why are you building, the customer needs to know what are you building and the management wants to know how they can maximise the product.

TIP 3: Be open for feedback. While you own the vision, to succeed as Product Owner, you need to embrace other people ideas.

TIP 4: Develop your vision agile. The best way to create a product is often releasing, get feedback, learn, improve.

TIP 5: Adapt your vision as you’re learning. In a world of change, the power to adjust the vision of a product is gold. Of course, keep the core values, but adapt your direction based on the feedback that you receive.

TIP 6: Adjust your vision pitch depending on who you are talking. Different target audiences will consume your product. Differently, you need to cover their need to gain them.

TIP 7: Make a goal from delivering value for customers.

TIP 8: Keep your vision short, clear and inspiring. This will help you to spread the word about your product and create a snowball effect when others are promoting your product.

TIP 9: Ensure that vision fit in the companies vision and strategy. You want to pull in the same direction as your colleagues.

TIP 10: Validate your vision with stakeholders, the Scrum Team and market

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